AZ 900 is a fundamental exam for a candidate working on Azure.

Below are the topics covered in AZ900 exam 1. Describe cloud concepts (20-25%) 2. Describe core azure services (15-20%) 3. Describe core solutions and management tools on azure(10-15%) 4. Describe general security and network security features(10-15%) 5. Describe identity, governance, privacy and compliance features (20-25%) 6. Describe Azure cost management and service level agreements(10-15%)

AZURE REGIONS AND AVAILABILITY ZONES: 1. Azure provides 60+ regions around the globe 2. Regions are geographic locations 3. Deploy your server to multiple regions which will give high availability, low latency and geographical reach. 4. Note that azure provides multiple availability zones in a single azure region 5. Each availability zones is one or more data centres and they have their own connectivity and power resources 6. The availability zone is a region connected with low latency link 7. It's important to note that not all azure regions have availability zones 8.The availability zone help to achieve high availability with low latency in the same region.

IaaS, PaaS , SaaS and Containers: 1. IaaS stands for Infrastructure as a Service .This is a cloud model that allows you to manage infrastructure from a cloud service provider. In this cloud model, we are responsible for managing virtual cloud machines, Databases, OS, Load Balancers etc. With software, we have to manage underlying hardware as well. 2. PaaS stands for the platform as a service . In this, we are responsible for only application deployment and related configurations. No need to worry about the underlying hardware. Azure App, Azure Container, and Azure Cosmos DB are examples of PaaS . In PaaS, we can configure the hardware needed and can configure the auto-scaling needed. 3. SaaS - This stands for Software as a Service. In this, we are responsible only for application and not for deployment and maintenance. Google Docs, Office 365, and DropBox are examples of SaaS models.

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