Spring Boot

the spring-boot framework is used by many big tech companies to build their microservices. It's a java based framework and is very useful in creating stand-alone and production-ready applications using Spring. Now to start with bootstrapping your spring application you need to visit the Spring Initilizer web page that is start.spring.io and choose your buil spring boot version and platform. Also, you need to provide group artefacts and required dependencies to run the application. Now once you have set all your dependencies then click on generate project button a zip file will be downloaded then extract that file. Once you have unziped the project there are several files like the build. gradle file and many others. By using spring boot we can create a war file to deploy into a web server. So now it's important to note that there is a difference between war and jar files. A war file is a web application archive that runs inside an application server while a jar file is a java application archive that runs a desktop application on a user machine so a jar file actually contains libraries resources and accessories files like the property file while the war file contains the web application that can be deployed on any jsp container. The war file contains jsp, html and javascript and other files necessary for the development of web applications. Now getting back to spring boot a traditional way to deploy the spring boot application is by making the spring-boot application class extend the springbootserveletinitilazer class.

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